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Three Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home In Costa Rica

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016


Owning a home in American country is the dream of many people. There are people who like to buy their vacation home or first, or second or even fifth home at a popular tourist destination so that they can visit the home often for relaxing from their normal life. When buying a home in the different city, state or country you can check in online for the houses that are listed available for sale.


First, you must decide the location of your summer home. For instance, if you like to buy a home in Costa Rica search in online as Houses for Sale in Costa Rica and click the websites link that appears in the search result.


Buying a summer home is not an easy task. The three simple mistakes when buying a summer home are listed here.


Summer home should not be an impulse buy like buying a sunglass, new electronic gadget, fancy coffee drink etc. Do you have an idea of purchasing a summer home? Then you must first sit down with a calendar and check how frequently do you visit your summer home? You must also think whether you can spend months together in your summer home or just have time to spend only a few weekends there.


If you have found out your time availability, then you should also consider the availability of your family members too. You need to consider the time flexibility of your spouse too. You must check the rest of the people in your home including your kids, parents, cousins etc.


The second mistake is the location of the home. You should not buy a home that is far away from your home. Then you find discomfort to travel a very long distance with your old parents, little kids etc. You must choose the location that has a different view and different type of environment from you actual home. If both the home has the same view then it is not worth to buy a second home. You must really think more than twice when you buy a summer home in other continents?


It is difficult to commit how often, you visit the home bought in another continent since you need to plan the availability of your entire family for the vacation. You must also check the air tickets too. Before choosing the location of the home, you must consider the above things.

The third mistake most of the people do is they will not include all the cost before purchasing the home. In your primary home, you used to clean inside and outside the area of the home every weekend. But who is there to clean your summer home often. You must hire a local people to maintain your home and prevent from damages and to follow the neighborhood codes.


You must consider the insurance cost subject to the weather condition of the destination. Many people like to buy an oceanfront home but you must consider the wear and tear of the home such as salt water corrosive that eat wood, metal, and even concrete.