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Why Is Quality Insurance Leads Important

Monday, October 30th, 2017


Quality insurance leads are significant for insurance business whatever be the size of the company. An insurance agent’s success or the incentive is based on the sales conversion which leads not only to increase in revenue for the company but also the agent too. says that creativity and being resourceful is needed for a continuous lead generation. At times when the leads have dried up outsourcing of lead generation to a third-party provider, can also turn out to be beneficial however small your insurance company can be.
If you have agents without leads or are unable to get quality leads, it means that either you’re have not done marketing well enough or you have not done advertising. Listed below are advantages of lead generation.

Leads of high quality: Third party service providers usually maintain a massive database which contains business prospects of all types and regions. When you buy quality leads, they set up filters on the data and extract information based on the customer details like employment, location, qualification, designation, etc. You can ask for specific groups and target only those leads which will match the criteria you have set. If need be, you can also hire consultants who will help filter data on the type of people your company is looking to sell their product.

Saves time: If your sales team is unable to get leads, they will not be able to pitch your product to the customers. Moreover, they will only end up cold calling people with no success as the customers they call might just not be interested in the insurance product you are trying to sell. Added to it, the agents get frustrated as they are unable to make any sales and hence result in loss of productivity. When you get quality leads your sales team will be able to make more purchases as you get a list of potential customers rather than customers who are not interested. They will end up making more related calls and focus on the closure of these leads to saving time for your agents.

Higher conversion: When you get quality leads you do not have to make cold calls. Your insurance agents are calling people who can turn into potential customers. Your agents are focused on better customer service, sale and closure by following up with the customer and hence leads to more conversion.

Cost effective: Most small insurance companies think that buying leads will make a dent in their revenue as they believe that buying leads is costly. So, the approach they take is to hire insurance agents and get them to make cold calls. Over a period, when these calls don’t lead to anything worthwhile the conversion rate is low. Moreover, agents spend more time generating leads rather than calling quality leads. To avoid all this, buying high-quality leads will not only save time but also help you improve your business by saving unwanted costs of cold calling by spending more time on potential customers, thereby increasing the revenue of your business.