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Features Of A Good Hunting Knife

Monday, December 18th, 2017


If you have never bought a hunting knife, then the vast array of choice will inevitably confuse you. Make sure you choose top quality knives like the bushcraft knives you should always carry for hunting purposes. Many reputed and trusted websites such as recommend hunters to use durable and sharp knives. If you have to buy a hunting knife, then you must decide whether you want a fixed-knife or a folding knife. You must assess the merits and demerits of fixed-knives as well as folding-knives before taking the final decision.

Fixed Knife
Fixed knives are easy to clean and very efficient in their task. If you want to sharpen such a knife, then you do not need to put in a lot of effort because it is smooth and easier to do. Anyone can master the art of sharpening a fixed knife without too much trouble. Fixed knives have a sturdy blade because of which they weigh more than other knives. If you plan to do heavy-duty tasks, then it is best that you buy a fixed knife. It is not very safe to transport fixed knives because their blade is always open. So, if you need to travel to long distances when you are on a hunt, then it can be a decent idea to avoid a fixed knife.

Folding Knife
A folding knife is not as durable as a fixed knife, but it is easy to carry and transport. You can cover the blade of a folding knife with its guard which makes it very safe to transport. A high-quality folding knife is efficient for hunting as well. Folding knives are of two distinct types. A pocket knife is a popular type of folding knife. Lock-back is also a useful type of folding knife. You may choose one of them depending upon your requirements. Many hunters use a folding knife to cut down and skin animals as big as a deer.

Pocket Knife
If you want to skin smaller animals such as rabbits, then you may even buy a pocket knife. It would not be difficult to find a sturdy and robust pocket knife if you are willing to spend the right amount of cash. If you get a pocket knife with a blade length of 4 inches, then you will take very little time to skin even larger animals. Many hunters get deceived by the size of a pocket knife. They think that the size of a pocket knife is too small to be used as a hunting tool. But in reality, a pocket knife can be a lot more efficient than it looks like.

Quality Of A Knife Blade
The efficiency of every knife depends upon the quality of its blade. You must shop for a knife-blade at a store near you and never online because you can only judge the strength of a knife-blade if you inspect it personally. The weight of a knife-blade is a good indicator of its effectiveness, but a large blade is too hard to handle. Always ensure that you keep the blade sharpened so that it can be used easily and quickly.