Factors To Consider When Picking The Right Razor For Shaving

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Are you looking for the best straight razors to reduce your shaving cuts? Do you often cut yourself while shaving? Then worry not, you are not alone. A report found on http://npicom.com/razorblade-injury-statistics indicates that a large number of men, irrespective of their ages or the number of years they have spent shaving, are susceptible to shaving injuries.

There are two major factors that you should consider when buying your straight shaving razor. First, you have to consider the weight of the razor and then the size of the handle. You must not pick a razor that feels too heavy when you hold it in your hand. Also, some razors tend to be either too heavy at the top or they feel like they weigh much at the bottom end. Stay away from these. You must pick a razor, which feels just right on your hands.

Remember the fairy tale where Goldilocks go around the bears’ cottage, feeling things until she picks up something that feels just right? Good, now when it comes to choosing razors, you are the dude version of Goldilocks. Hit the aisles of your nearest superstore and pick and hold different razors in your hand. Continue this, till you land on the razor that feels just right when you hold it.

If the razor is too light when you hold it, you are inadvertently going to apply more pressure till you end up cutting yourself. If it is too heavy, you can’t maneuver it properly, so you will end with an imperfect shave.

The next factor you have to check is to look at the top portion of the razor. Make sure that the blade is exposed equally on both sides. The gap between the safety bar and the shaving blade should be equal on both sides. The amount of gap varies from brand to brand. However, the gap must be same on both sides. Unequal gaps that are more common in cheap razors are the major culprits for cutting your skin. Quality razors from reputed manufacturers have rigorous quality checks that make sure that the gap is equal and symmetrical on both sides. Also, razors from reputed manufacturers are made to precision, so the chances of you injuring yourself are practically zero.

Does the Material play a role in Performance?
The material of the razor handle varies from brand to brand. The most common materials used are plastic, chrome, plastic fibers, chrome or stainless-steel. Handles made of metal have a tough surface that provides better grips to the shaver. Another type of handle commonly used is the metal with a rubber encasing. This offers a better grip than simple metal ones. They do not slip off your hands even when it is wet. There are also expensive and customized razors that flaunt handles made of pure wood or horns of animals. They lend the sense of elegance and exclusivity to the razors. However, a simple handle that does not slip off, does the job perfectly well.

We hope this article was helpful in guiding you to pick the best straight razor for you.

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