Experiment on Humanity – Conducted by Automobile Warsaw Club

Posted by Emmanuel Gbogi  on November 24th, 2014 — Posted in Blog


Nothing is more annoying than being discounted. Suppose that it starts to get serious? If something isn’t right, That is a bike injury, the driver of the bike is lying with a bleeding from his foot, and Next to him is his sprawled motorcycle and… no one helps? Nobody even pays attention to it. Afterward we’ve got to ask a question – what happened to humanity? A week ago, the Municipal Police in cooperation with the Automobile Warsaw Club, in Warsaw, Conducted an experiment.

They faked a motorcycle injury. Motorcyclist lying on the side with a Observable leg wound, next to an overturned motorcycle (which couldn’t possibly be mercedes gl350 long island, as the driver was a biker – he does not understand what the best is). Did the experiment go? The result was simple to predict. The vast majority of motorists just was passing by, dismissing the Motorcyclist is lying there. It’s not, so the drivers didn’t see the motorcyclist that is injured. The drivers have Seen and have seen him totally. Since a statistical motorist of the car can take his foot off the gas, look away from the street and direct it to a person who is changing a tire on the side of the street or a Pretty girl in the bus stop 30 meters away, its visual receptors are capable to get The human being in an unusual position – lying in the ground, near the motorcycle that is broken. Man was Made so that focus is drawn by unusual things. An overturned motorcycle is very uncommon, especially if next to him with a bleeding wound lies a guy.

Warsaw police stopped motorists a few meters (50) from the motorcyclist and asked if they saw him. Interestingly, most of the drivers acknowledged that yes, they could see him, but, uh … Well, there’s always a Place for “uh” . In such cases, there is consistently (at least in theory) a component of sense and reason. Maybe someone did not prevent because his wife was giving birth to a kid or he is going to see his I’ll kid? Of course, there are those possibilities, but let’s face it – most of the drivers passing Motorcyclist simply don’t care. Anyway, listen to the reasoning. We’ve liked “because any way believed that he went to the station and put the motor since there’s no foot” the most. Well, in that case, frankly and without lying – you are going through, and you see an injured Motorcyclist, lying on the roadside. Do you stop and help?

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